You should have seen the look on my face when last night’s sex position popped up on my iPhone. I mean what the fuck? Don’t figure skaters and professional ballroom dancers practice for years to achieve this position and Cosmo just wants me to whip my leg up over my head and climb on board?

Photo of Sasha Cohen by Vesperholly CC-BY-SA-2.5

And never mind that having sex standing up requires a certain mechanical finesse, but dear Cosmo you want me to balance on one foot with my hamstring on full stretch? Yes, nothing screams sexy more than visualizing the appearance of your muscle tear and tendon rupture on MRI.

So while I knew in my heart of hearts that achieving this position would be impossible, I pulled myself together and showed some of that British pluck (the kind of resolve my mother says that “won the war,” and as an aside, if you ever visit my parents you would swear it is still 1945. It’s a bit like being in a Monty Python sketch, and not in a good way).

Anyway, as expected, I’m good to about 90 degrees.

Bringing sexy back, one position at a time!

I have to throw down the gauntlet (or should I say throw down the diaphragm?). We’re 0 for 4 Cosmo. Not one of your sex positions so far seem: A) physically possible B) comfortable and C) orgasm inducing. Maybe Malibu Barbie bends like this, but, uh, I don’t. Shouldn’t someone who has had sex at least once and for more than 1 minute have a little look-see before these position go live on your App? Call me crazy!

So thank you Cosmo for your message of female empowerment. From luxurious tresses, to boobs that defy gravity, to sex positions that require an internship in Cirque de Soleil. It’s all so real. And hey, at least this time you had the guy contribute by having him lean back, you know, ever so slightly.

What do you think, are you physically capable of having sex like this?

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  1. I’m a very flexible person (both figuratively and literally). I’m double jointed, I took gymnastics, and I do yoga. All that said, I can very well imagine the amount of core strength, limberness, flexibility — and most of all determination — that would go into this position. Who could have an orgasm while concentrating on all of those things at once? And what normal person could do it at all without tons of practice?

    And what normal man would wait patiently while their partner positions herself in odd new positions every time she reads about a new one in Cosmo?. It really brings down the mood. Also, they don’t want to be worrying about if you’re gonna fall or tip over while they’re inside you. That would be really unsexy.

    But to answer your ending question: I could get into this position. But could I have sex, achieve orgasm, etc, like that? No. All of that concentration and physical strain is an orgasm killer.

  2. Ouch, not to mention that if I could get my leg up like that, my husband’s and my parts wouldn’t come anywhere close to matching up.

  3. I’m a man. That looks like a good position. Doing it to produce sufficient enjoyment would be a different matter. Sex positions are sometimes overrated. I think basic positions can produce better orgasms. It’s really about technique. But sometimes doing physically crazy stuff is fun.

  4. Have to agree with Liz. My husband is 6’4″. I am 5’2″. Besides the fact there’s no way in hell my leg is doing that.

  5. I’m a professional modern dancer, that being said, my legs can go sky high upon request. However, I would under no circumstances try this ridiculous position, unless I was determined to a) never get even close to an orgasm, or b) during a particularly passionate thrust feel my hamstring tear off the bone and flap up like Venetian blinds. Dear Cosmo: Really?! Sincerely, Everybody.

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