The Cosmopolitan in Vegas: the hotel that cares about your orgasm!

It’s something I look for in every hotel gift shop. Yup, vibrators.

Traveling with vibrators is tricky when you are flying with carry on only. It’s possible the shape and electronics could trigger interest at security. Visions of standing by in abject horror as a TSA agent pulls out your Lelo G spot and says loudly, “Ma’am, is this yours?” are enough to make all but the boldest of us fold and go without.

So I keep hoping some hotel somewhere will clue into the fact that vibrators sell AND that women are more likely to be without them while traveling.

I’ve looked among the plethora of cheap stuffed animals and nauseating t-shirts (who wears rhinestones anyway?) of so many hotel gift shops that I’d kind of given up hope.

And then I hit the jackpot! In Vegas, of course, at the Cosmopolitan hotel in their appropriately titled gift shop, Vitals (vitals indeed!). For the record, the Venetian, Bellagio, and MGM Grand all came up short in the vibrator department.

Vitals at the Cosmo carries 2 vibes: a pocket rocket and a standard phallic shape. And guys, they also carry a vibrating ring! Of course there is also a healthy supply of condoms.

While you could lug yourself out on The Strip and hit the Walgreen’s (and FYI, they do carry Plan B), not all drug stores carry vibes and if they do, they’re often those stupid finger vibes that have all the oomph of an anemic pager. Anyway, if it’s 3 a.m. who wants to leave the hotel!?

What about the price? Well, at $35 the Cosmo’s Pocket Rocket is more than you’d pay at a sex shop, but it’s cheaper than what you’ll pay to check your luggage to discreetly bring your vibe from home and probably WAY less than what you’re planning on dropping on the casino floor.

So thank you Cosmopolitan for caring about orgasms!

BTW, the cosmopolitan cocktail at the Cosmopolitan is simply divine!


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  1. I’d just like to point at, as a previous (pre-TSA) security worker, that we the X-ray folks see vibrators, dildos, ben-wa balls, cock rings, butt plugs, you name it on a daily if not hourly basis. A significant percentage of flight crew carry something in their carry kit, females rather more than males. They’ve been trained to treat it the situation with decorum, and the sex toys get ignored to the point of invisibility.

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