So here it is folks. The moment OB/GYNs and women who want to have a hope in hell of delivering vaginally have been waiting for….America’s biggest douchebag, John Edwards, has formally been charged by the feds for using campaign finances to cover up his extramarital affair.

The affair that he had (and resulting love child) while his wife was fighting cancer (that’s what earned you the douchebag of the year award John, in case you were wondering).

The affair that he denied, and denied, and denied. That is until the National Enquirer finally had enough of his lies.

But the reason all OB/GYNs hate John Edwards is not that he can’t keep his dick in his pants (especially while his wife was battling terminal cancer) or at least man up and tell the truth about it. No, OB/GYNs everywhere hate John Edwards because he amassed his personal fortune of more than $100 million by suing OB/GYNs (and you wonder why we pay such high insurance premiums).

Of course he was telling the truth in every one of those cases. You know, he just lied this time…about the affair. And about the baby. Oh yeah, and also about using the campaign money to cover it up. But of course he told the truth in court.

But why should women who want to deliver vaginally hate John Edwards?

Well, it was the good Mr. Edwards who successfully argued in court that a pregnant woman in labor is not capable of informed consent. That’s right. According to John Edwards, and subsequently the State of North Carolina, when you are in labor you are incompetent. Little ladies can’t possible make informed decisions about their health care in such a delicate situation.

So if you wonder why some OBs seem to literally badger women into c-sections, it is because they essentially have no choice. By the legal standard, informed consent for refusing a c-section basically means harassment. Because if you decline the c-section and there is a bad outcome, thanks to honest John Edwards your lawyer may be able to successfully argue that your OB just didn’t try hard enough to convince you that you needed it.

So here’s to you, John Edwards. Douchebag of the year and misogynist extraordinaire. Glad you get to have that oh so special feeling of being a defendant. It’s times like these that really make me believe what goes around actually does come around.

I do hope there is an OB/GYN on your jury and if the universe is being especially kind, a woman who wants a VBAC.

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  1. Since I am from India, cheating, lying, manipulating lawyer-politicians are nothing new, run of the mill affair, really. But even so, what attracted my attention is the fact that a lady in labor is not compos mentis. This is ridiculous. I wonder what kind of judge passed this order and why there isn’t some sort of action/appeals against this. I believe this is a gross encroachment of women’s rights…

  2. oh oh. Gawker linked to national enquirer. It may be BS. Must look further like a good reporter, my apologies if this is incorrect.

  3. I went VBAC! 🙂 It wasn’t easy, and not everyone in the room was entirely supportive, but I did it, b/c I did my research. And if anyone in the room said I wasn’t capable of making my own choices b/c I was in labor, I would’ve given them an earful and possibly kicked them in the face. Seriously. What a misogynistic pig! I guess if you can claim that women can’t be capable of informed consent during labor, you can also argue that a man can’t be held responsible for what he does with his dick when the blood is rushing from his head. No one is responsible for themselves anymore, and it’s always someone else’s fault. DOUCHE!

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